HIGHFLEET’s AI solution, Karen, accepts the data world as it is. Karen delivers arbitrarily complex automated analysis over Big Data.

Karen Solution Components

SemFed: Semantic Federation of Existing Data Sources

  • Automates interrogating data sources for knowledge
  • Captures knowledge in logic models for automated reasoning
  • Significantly reduces implementation time
  • Does not disrupt operations
  • Scales to very large collections of disparate data sources including PDFs and docx (Word) documents, social media (e.g., tweets), as well as structured formats, clouds, “data lakes,” and data warehouses

First-Order Logic-Based Reasoner:

  • Efficient, highly parallelized, multi-threaded, scalable capability
  • Deductive inference over data-informed logic models
  • Automates analysis and research, freeing decision makers for higher order cognitive tasks
  • Provides independently verifiable audit trail of how knowledge is from data

Reasoner-based Automated Workflow Tool

  • Automates numerous interactions between solution components
  • Mediated by results from reasoning


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