Karen - Solution Components

Everything needed to get from data of all types to answers, no matter how complex.

HIGHFLEET comes to your unique challenges with a powerful, integrated suite that starts from a corpus of work that jump starts our solution to your requirements. By automating many of the solution tasks, Karen implements in less time, with no disruption to operations.

SemFed:  Get to all your data, no matter the format - Semantic Federation of Existing Data Sources.

  • SemFed largely automates interrogating data sources for knowledge
  • Captures knowledge in Logic Model for Reasoner to use
  • Significantly reduces implementation time
  • Scales to very large collections of disparate data sources including PDFs and docx (Word) documents, Social Media (e.g., Tweets), as well as structured formats, clouds, and “data lakes” and data warehouses

Reasoner:  Karen’s “brain”, the First-Order Logic-based Reasoner does inference across the model built by SemFed and the appended data.

  • Efficient - Highly parallelized, multi-threaded and scalable capability
  • Automates masses of analysis and research, freeing decision makers for higher order cognitive tasks
  • Karen provides a human readable audit trail, providing a clear understanding of how you get from A to Z